Eileen and Thor Taggart, Rocco, Diva and Axel.

One day, after working out at Orange Theory Flagstaff, I sat on the bench, sweaty and happy, and saw an ad for Barks n Brews.  What an awesome combination for an event.

Staring off into nowhere, I thought, What about Wags and Wine?  As my exhilirated workout friends walked out of class, the idea flashed like a bright light – what about Wags, Wine & Workouts?

I shared the idea with Thor, my husband, who is a passionate dog lover.

Wags, Wine & Workouts was born.

On a beuatiful fall afternoon at an outdoor table at Late For the Train Cafe, Dara and Sierra Wong, owners of Oeno Wine Lounge, brainstormed with me.  The idea of bringing together animal lovers, wine lovers and fitness lovers to raise money for local animal organizations seemed so obvious!  But will it work?

Dara and Sierra believed! Oeno Wine Lounge would be the perfect host.

At a different outdoor table at Wildflower Cafe, Diane Jarvis and Elizabeth Bohlke, High Country Humane Association Board Members and longtime Flagstaff animal acitivists felt the magic of Wags.  We envisioned how Wags promotes local, invites such a wide swath of Flagstaffians to have fun and supports ALL of our Humane Associations.  It’s inclusive at its very best!

With the excited yes of Liz Olson at High County Humane, the HCH partnership and the Wags event was launched.

Monet Martin, our vet, personal friend and owner of Kaibab Veterinary is a passionate runner.  She felt the love for Wags!  She and Kaibab Vet volunteered to co-sponsor Wags, and include Kaibab’s annual 4x4x48 run at Buffalo Park in our Wags program.  She brings the great outdoors to Wags!  Something for everyone!

I could not imagine a better founding partnership!  My husband, Oeno Wine Lounge, High Country Humane and Kaibab Vet, all loved, trusted and respected in Flagstaff.

Bringing Wags, Wine & Workouts to you, Flagstaff, is my passion.  I am channeling my love for fitness and animals into an event that can positively affect us all. This is our first annual Wags.  I hope we are all excited about building a new community in Flagstaff.  Let’s discover our local fitness studios, create a new vibe at Oeno Wine Lounge with old and new friends, and feel fabulous that we are helping the animals – and their people – who need us most.

Wagging in eternal gratitude
Eileen and Thor Taggart, eXp Realty, Capstone Homes Realty

Animals and Love

This is part of our family.
Each being in this photo has a personality. They relate to each other and to us with consciousness and emotion and intent. They communicate wordlessly but in the wordlessness is the deep beauty and the power.
Each of them was going to be killed or, in Axel’s case, sent to a shelter where he may have been killed or languished forever.
In my belief system, sharing love is the highest purpose for a human being. Sharing more love is better than sharing less, always.
Sharing love with our four-legged family grounds me, centers me, aligns my soul with that which is important, takes me out of the monkey mind word scrabble, elevates me, removes me from pettiness or human things that JUST DON’T MATTER, allows me to shine brighter for myself all of the beings on the planet who… um.. DON’T have that effect on me.
When we help animals, we are always helping people too. We are helping humanity share love, and for this opportunity, for all of these opportunities in my life.


The Joy Of Rescues

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