Kickoff Party

Join Us on May 7th

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About the event

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22 E Birch Ave #1, Flagstaff, AZ 86001

Map of OENO Wine Lounge

Get Involved with Wags

This is our first Annual Wags, Wine & Workouts.  While I have been making it up as I go along, the response by Flagstaff has been amazing.  Flagstaff says yes!

The best way to get invoved is to BUY TICKETS!  SHARE THE FUN WITH FRIENDS! ENJOY!

The opportunities for local businesses and individuals to support Wags are endless. 

Clear Title of Flagstaff is sponsoring a dog adoption.  

Would you like to sponsor an adoption and become part of the Wags team?  Let me know!  

Do you have a great idea for Wags? Let me know!

The Wags model can be created anywhere – small town or big city.  Would you like to host your own Wags?  Let me know. 

We look forward to growing Wags in exciting and fun ways that benefit all of us in Flagstaff.  

Wagging with eternal gratitude
Eileen Taggart, eXp Realty, Wags Top Dawg.


Join the pack for a pawsitively good time!


Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Wags, Wine & Workouts is a fun and unique program that brings together fitness enthusiasts, wine lovers, and animal advocates to support local Humane Associations. Participants buy a monthly ticket for $35 and get access to everything! Our wine party, free classes at fitness studios and our super special fitness event.  Some of our classes are first come first serve so buy soon and sign up!

We know some of you don’t drink and don’t workout.  Get a ticket anyway and come to our party!  

Everyone is welcome!

Here is the magic of Wags.  Thanks to our team of sponsors – Monet Martin Tiffany Taradash and me, Eileen Taggart, all proceeds from Wags, Wine & Workouts go to High Country Humane, Coconino Humane and Tuba City Humane.  Your dollars have an immediate and positive effect on all of our  local Humane Associations.

High Country Humane Association is selling tickets, collecting fund and disbursing funds to Coconino Humane Association and Tuba City Humane Association.

We offer full transparency of all of our accounting.

You can’t beat that!

Flagstaff Fitness Studios said yes to Wags! We tried to include something for everyone.  Spin, Yoga, Stretch, Barre 3, Aerial, Strength, Nutrition, Mobility, Self Defense, Orange Theory, Running, and an introduction to our newest fitness studio, coming soon!

Try one of try them all. Bring friends.  So much fun!

Wags Wine & Workouts is sponsored by Eileen Taggart, eXp Realty, Thor Taggart, Capstone Homes Realty, Monet Martin, Kaibab Veterinary, Tiffany Taradash, Cross Country Mortgage and Bobbie Acklin, Clear Title of Arizona.